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Thank you so much for stopping by our website. I hope you fall in love with the Bengal cat as much as I have. I am located in Aurora,IL. We are about 1 hour west of Chicago. I have been involved with bengals since 1998.


Why buy a kitten from Chicago Bengals?


The main reason is health, socialization and pedigree. My kittens are raised with my 2 dogs and my 8 year old son and my three nieces are hear alot as well. You cannot get more social then that. I believe with all animals the more they are exposed to different environments the more relaxed and easy going they are.

Next is pedigree. You want a breeder that loves the animal and is working to help improve the breed. Next is testing. We test for HCM, PK and PRA. See this study below that just came out form Langford Vets:




You will find kitten prices all over the place. $2000-$3500.00 is pretty standard. There is a lot that goes into breeding and showing. Most breeders actually lose money breeding. I am doing it because I love this breed. Everyone should have a Bengal!


Feel Free to call me with questions.

Kelly LeFevre


All of our bengals are TICA registered and ChicagoBengals is a TICA registered cattery and is a member in good standing with The International Bengal Cat Society, Inc.”This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.”

For s great Cat or kitten supplement try this link below!



This is such a great put together chart you can see more info on colors here:














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