We are excited to have our new stud A-Murr Ottoman of Chicagobengals. We call him "Tikki" he is HCM normal, PK N/N and PRA normal. We are excited to see what he produces. He looks like a clouded leopard. He has amazing structure small ears and a fat tail and an amazing pattern!


VibrantHeart Ice of Chicagobengals D. O. B 3/7/18

I co-own Ice with Christine Spierling. he was imported from Germany. He is a huge gorgeous mink boy. We cannot wait to see what he adds to our program.

HCM- 7/9/19 HCM Normal

Here are his parents testing so since they are both negative that makes him negative by parentage.

Mom is BlueLagoon Snowflake-HCM normal

Pra- normal

Mink and carries 1 copy dilute

Dad is Patch of Heaven Magic Soul-sepia carrier of dilute

HCm Noraml

PRA normal

pk n/n

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